Punjab Board BISE Gujranwala 9th Class Exams Cancelled Or Not?

Before reading, Kindly make sure to turn on the post notifications from our website by clicking on the “Allow” button to receive all important educational updates for our dear students. A lot of rumors have been spreading about the concerns related to the exams of 9th Class Gujranwala Board. Some groups are sharing news that the exams have been cancelled due to unstoppable spread of the viral disease Covid-19. But no one is sure whether the BISE Gujranwala Punjab Board will conduct the 9th Class Exams in 2020. The Punjab Board announced the postponement of the exams due to the global pandemic.

Students are still very confused and searching for answers everywhere if their exams for 9 Class Gujranwala Board in 2020 have been cancelled or they are just postponed. So this article is just for information of the students that the Exams are currently not cancelled and no such official announcement has been made. Most likely, Gujranwala Board Exams will not be cancelled because Gujranwala has currently a lot less number of coronavirus cases. If the Gujranwala Board takes quick measures to conduct 9th class 2020 exams, there is a possibility that students will be safe. However Lahore has the most numbers of coronavirus cases after Karachi therefor students belonging to Lahore Board 9 class can read This article. No official announcement has been made by the government till now about conducting the exams of Gujranwala Board 9 class or if the 9th Class Gujranwala board exams have been cancelled or delayed or whatsoever. Punjab Board Cannot do injustice as well because if Lahore Board does not conducts Exams and cancels it then all other boards should also cancel their exams otherwise this would be a huge overlap afterwards. Here is the scheme that was presented in Punjab Board Committee.

According to our staff’s opinion after some valid discussions, we think that the exams for 9th class 2020 Gujranwala Board will be conducted because the virus is not spread widely in Gujranwala.

In case if the Punjab Board has decided not to conduct 9 class Board exams of 2020 in BISE Gujranwala. Then there are only two possibilities:

  • Exams for all Classes Including class 9 (SSC-I),10 (SSC-II), 11 (HSSC-I), 12 (HSSC-II) in Gujranwala Board (BISE Gujranwala) will be conducted online. To know about the paper method and pattern about online exams for Class 9 Click here.
  • The second possibility is that, students of all classes ie, 9, 10, 11, 12 in Gujranwala Board will be promoted to the next class according to their average marks in the last exams.
  • There’s also a third possibility but we’re not sure if it will be applicable or not. Click here to read.

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