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A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

Honorable President, my dear teachers, guests and students Assalam-o-Alaikum.

The proverb pinpoints the importance of trivial things and the danger of neglecting the insignificant beginnings of evil. As a matter of fact, the maxim signifies that an ordinary drawback or short-coming can’t be rectified in its embryonic condition, but when it grows bigger and bigger, it becomes irremediable. A  Persian proverb says, “the small source of the fountain can be stopped with something very small, but when the fountain becomes a mighty flood even an elephant cannot cross it.” There is another proverb which shows that how a state was lost just because of the reason that the minister of the Ruler didn’t bothered replacing a nail in the horse sheet. “Fox want of a nail, the shoe was lost, for want of a shoe the horse was lost, for want of a horse the rider was lost, for want of rider the battle was lost, for want of the battle the kingdom was lost”.

Many illustrations can be given to vindicate the truth of this aphorism. A small hole in a canaI embankment can be stopped with very little trouble, but it’s perpetual neglect will result into a great breach which will require much labour and-expenditure to repair. If a small portion of a wall collapses and the dilapidated part remains neglected for a considerable passage of time, the whole wall starts crumbling fragment by fragment and ultimately it will reduce to scattered heaps of debris and bricks. Many impregnable and insurmountable forts and castles which were once considered the wonders of man’s ceaseless labour, now their ruins and remains are seen for want of a little repair in time. Similarly a single spark in the ashes may cause a terrible conflagration, if no effort is made at first to put it down.

The saying is also true of the human body and the mind.  If we take timely care of small ailments, they can be easily got rid of. But if given time to grow, they sometimes become so complicated as to end fatally. A man catches cold and considering it an ordinary matter, pays no heed to it. It develops into a serious disease and he is dangerously ill for weeks and even dies. If he had taken care of the cold in time, he might have saved his life.

It is the same with politics. Politicians should foresee the changing circumstances and sudden turns in politics and take proper measures to deal with the approaching adverse situation. Take the case of Russian Revolution. The people of Russia were discontented. They were going to be ruled by the despotic Czars. Every day brought misery and suffering to. their lives. They were shrieking under draconian and tyranny laws. The scarcity and dearth of daily necessaries of life compelled them to revolt against the callous rulers. The rulers, instead of redressing their grievances used oppressive and suppressive measures to quell the uprising. The feeling of discontentment and spirit of sedition went on smoldering and gathering force until at last it could no longer be extinguished and produced a large scale bloodshed, plunder pillage and devastation.

The saying can also be applied to morals and character. Many evil habits become our lifelong companions simply because they were neglected at fIrst. No one is a depraved monster and scoundrel of the blackest dye by birth. 

No one becomes a confirmed drunkard at once. He begins by taking a cup of wine every now and then and disregarding its detrimental effects on lungs, heart and health. he goes on drinking cup after cup and ultimately he becomes a slave to.drink. Similarly if a child shows an inclination to slothfulness, cruelty and untruthfulness, efforts should immediately be made to curb his bad qualities, but if they are not checked at first, they may lead him in manhood to the gallows.

Therefore, if we want to lead a balanced and carefree life, if we wish to have tranquility of mind and freedom from the anxieties and tensions of worldly life, we must act upon this maxim of nipping all evils in the bud before any mischief is done.

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