Atomic Age – Atomic Energy and Atom Bombs Speech Essay in English

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Atomic Age Speech in English & Essay

Honorable President my dear teachers, guests and Students Assalam-o-Alaikum.

One of the difficult things done during the last twenty years is the splitting up of the atom. A great use had been made of the power derived from splitting up of the atom. The Second World War came to an end in favour of the Allies when two atom bombs fell on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The Atomic Age started practically from that time. The world came to know of the tremendous destructive power of the atom when split up. The entire attention of the scientists was focused on this atomic energy. The United States of America became the sole possessor of the secrets of the atom bomb. But very soon the USSR came out with the testing of the first atom bomb. The people all over the world became surprised to see that another nation had known the secrets of the atom bomb. Great Britain and France also know the secrets of the atom bomb. We are definitely in the Atomic Age. The concept of military might has undergone a definite change. The strategy in warfare has undergone a severe change. Many of the weapons used so devoted in the wars of the past had become antedated. Every nation is thinking of equipping itself With destructive weapons based on atomic energy.

Experiments are going on in America and the USSR and in one or two countries as to how to make the atomic bomb most powerful. They are also trying to make the bomb locally effective without the deadly fallout getting spread to different parts of the world. The atom bomb has already developed to a dangerous limit. The effect of the two bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima can still be felt. Those who survived are suffering from various diseases due to the fall-out of the bombs. We can easily visualise what horrible condition it would be if another war starts. There will definitely be the use of the atom bombs. in the war of the future. The future wars will be short. But there will be the total annihilation of mankind from the world. We shudder to think of the destruction of the civilization that has developed through centuries. Bit by bit, the world progressed. But it Will be finished in the twinkling of an eye.

We live in the Atomic Age. There is also a great possibility of building up the world with the energy derived from this great power. The nuclear power can be used in an effective manner for the use of mankind. Already there have been attempts made to install atomic plants from which atomic energy can be derived for the consumption in different directions. We find the pictures of these atomic plants published in different newspapers. There is the constant flow of energy that will be derived from years together. Only a small unit will produce huge energy. With the help of this energy the different weapons have already been developed. We hear of the Inter Continental Ballistic weapons. These can be thrown to distant places from one continent to another. The greatest experiment is now made to throw rockets into the Space. Already Russia and America have been successful in sending satellites around the world. These satellites move around the earth at a terrific speed. After the success attained, Russia and America tried to send the

rockets deep into the Space. Rockets have already passed by the moon. One rocket had touched the surface of the moon. Attempts are now made to send rockets with animals in order to see whether the living animals can stand the cosmic rays in the Space. There has been great progress made in collecting data for the future flights into the Space by human beings. Days are not for off when human beings will be able to reach the moon, Mars and Venus. This will be a journey most hazardous to be undertaken with the highly technical instruments through darkness. The slightest deviation will be fatal.

This atomic age is, therefore, not only an age of dangerous consequences. It is also an age when a great good could be done to humanity by the use of the endless power derived from the splitting up of the atom. Science has taken a new turn nowadays. We have seen and heard of the destruction caused by the atom bombs. We shut our eyes and pray to God so that He, in His infinite mercy, might save us all from the satanic use of the atomic energy by some unimaginative nation on earth. When we hear of the term, “Atom for peace”, we get our energy back and look upon the world with hope and fellow-feeling. Let the atomic age be an age of blessings.

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