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10 Lines Essay on My School

My School Essay 10 Lines

1. My School is a great place that enlightens my life with education and other useful information.

2. It teaches me discipline, cooperation, tolerance, manners, and knowledge on different important subjects that carves me in to a sharp personality.

3. It provides me a beautiful atmosphere where I can interact with teachers and other fellows to share innovative ideas and spend a good time as well.

4. I also lean ethics and moral discipline from my school that prepares me well for the practical life.

5. The teaching staff at my school is very cooperative and friendly, All the teachers teach students with passion and love that proves that gives a reflection of their professionalism.

6. Every day I spend at school makes me more responsible and helps me realize my duties to live a successful life.

7. Going to school gives me a lot of benefits, from learning basic subjects to prepare myself for a better future.

8. Along with studies, my school also ensures co curricular activities for students to make them mentally and physically stronger.

9. I go to school daily on my bicycle, that also helps me get fresh air in the morning while I’m on my way to school and it also keeps me physically fit.

10. The building of my school is very adorable and also provides enough area to students to roam around in their free time and play sports in the ground as well.

More Sentences On My School For Children

1. School helps us take a better steps towards our future

2. My School educates me to understand the differences between good and bad.

3. It motivates me for a future and make me responsible.

4. My School has large playing grounds, well equipped computer labs and science labs.

5. I learn moral values from school to become a good person.

6. It has a big cafeteria that serves healthy and fresh food to students

7. It’s building is very huge and attractive.

8. Going to school always gives me pleasure and makes me happy.

9. I have many friends in my school and I love to play and study with them like a family.

10. I love my school and I will enlighten my school’s name in the future if I become a successful person.

Paragraph On My School

The school is a place where we learn different things in life like reading and writing. These are the things that we might have never known before without going to a school. Not only limited to reading and writing, school also teaches us different qualities that turn the students into better human beings. We are taught discipline, unity, ethics, respect, tolerance and many other things to shape ourselves in the best forms to become successful beings in the future. School also prepares us to become capable enough to brighten up our country’s name in the world.

I study in (school name). It is situated in the city. It has a grand old building that was built in the 1950s. It has 18 rooms, one hall, one agricultural room and a nice office. The rooms are decorated with maps and informative charts that are beautifully designed to increase the class room’s beauty. All the rooms in my school are airy and have a pleasant atmosphere.

My School’s building is white washed every year in order to maintain its remarkable beauty. It has a well-equipped science room and a beautiful library that is stuffed with more than five thousand informative books of various categories. Currently, more than 2500 boys are enrolled in my school. 

There are more than 120 teachers who have expertise and professionalism in their specific fields & subjects. All of them are very well trained for teaching, their passion for teaching, cooperation and friendliness with the students justifies their professionalism. 

The Principal in my school is a very old woman but she’s also one of the nicest people I have ever seen. She treats all the students like her own kids and always keeps a soft corner for everyone. All the faculty members in my school are very hard working. They never beat kids or give strict punishments. That’s why students also try their best to meet the expectations of the teachers.

My school has a big playground as well where we play different sports like cricket, football, hockey, volleyball, badminton and many more. We play sports in my school ground in the afternoon after attending all our lectures. The teachers also take part in different games and play sports with us. We enjoy their company very much and they also love spending time with us even after the lectures.

My school always shows outstanding results in every year’s annual examinations. That’s why it is known as one of the best schools in my city. I love my school very much and I am proud to be a part of it.

My School Speech

Honorable Chief Guest, Principal, teachers and my dear fellows! Today at this very moment I am delighted to welcome you at (school name). As our school day function is organized I would like to throw a debate on my school’s qualities, achievements and required improvements. School is the place where one learns to read and write to transform him/her into a better person. Every school focuses on the quality of education, discipline and other academic as well as non academic activities to ensure producing all rounder successful students in practical life.

Dear Friends! My School is an important milestone in the history of primary and secondary education in Pakistan. The Campus spreads on 4 Acres of Land and is located in the most developed area of my city. It has huge and tall buildings and has achieved tremendous milestones in a short period of time. At present, my school is running all primary and secondary educational programs in various disciplines.

My School is one of those emerging public sector schools of (city) that is dedicated to meet many complex challenges facing us today. It has come a long way in such a short time due to the commitment and dedication of its team, hardworking professionals and brilliant students. It has a state-of-the-art campus, with 4 main faculties that are divided into 14 departments, a sports complex and a mosque housing the Islamic Research Center. The infrastructure of my school presently includes state-of-the-art classrooms, two fully equipped auditoriums with cutting-edge multimedia, a functional Australian cricket pitch, a multi-floors parking, a furnished cafeteria and a world-class Broadcasting Studio. My School also has to its credits South Asia’s No.1 Liberal Arts and Sciences School. Highly qualified faculty and the visionary leadership of my school are working with dedication towards the grooming of the students into becoming tomorrow’s leaders, researchers, sportsmen and entrepreneurs.

My School focuses on strong academic grooming of the students along with emphasis on individual development by engaging them in various curricular & co-curricular activities. Hosting over 5000 students, my school campus provides access to primary and secondary education for promising students. Every year my school enrolls new admissions while the last sessions get respectably outstanding results in the board of primary and secondary education exams. My school has never failed its students to secure highest ranks in the secondary education examinations. All the passed students from my school get to study somewhere better and get successful in their fields as my school’s legacy has always promised to flourish the futures of its students

Honorable Chief Guest! My School provides a platform for promising minds to come together, pioneering new thoughts to serve my country and the world around them. It provides the perfect combination of faculty, environment, technology and all the resources so that both learners and teachers are inspired to explore, to discover, to create, to challenge and to lead. My School’s vision is to reach the highest ranking of the Top 3 educational institutions in the country. We, here at (school name), open all the doors for promoting the research potential of the students, which will enable them to use their academic knowledge for practical projects in their life. The leadership at my school has built various bridges between the University and the corporate sector, opening new realms for research.

Since its inception in 2005, my school has been showing incremental progress. With more than five thousand students, a dynamic and didactic orientation, the future looks more promising for our students. I believe my school is an institution that you will find intellectually stimulating and rewarding while searching for potential academics and professional destinations.

However Honorable Chief Guest and Principal! I would also like to say that the technological leaps and the consequences thereof have overtaken the old educational paradigms and new concepts have emerged in the world of learning. But my school’s offered some academic courses include outdated information that is not of any use for today’s world children. If we want to compete with the world we will need to keep our pace with it. No nation can progress if you teach them something that has nothing to do with the modern concepts and theories. In General, my school has been successful since its inauguration. And I believe, if we consider even the minor defects in our education system, we will be able to brighten up our school’s name in the country and the world as well.

Perfection is never achieved just by talking about it. Every successful person in the world has implemented his ideas and taken his chances. By the grace of God and the hard work of our faculty members will justify all the negative aspects that are currently being introduced in my school. My School will set its aims to develop as a leading institute in all categories of academic and non academic excellence.

Our school’s administrative and all important authorities have aligned their long-term objectives as, self-sustenance, creation of research culture and environment by establishing industry-academia linkage mechanisms.

Honorable Principal, Chief Guest and my dear fellows! By the end of my speech I would like to say that My School will surely flourish its primary and secondary educational departments with all the modern tactics that a well developed school needs in order to continuously engage its staff and students with the modernizing world. And invest its resources and energies in developing a world-class institution to strengthen my country’s intellectual standing in the global education ecosystem. I’m proud to be a part of my school (school name).

FAQs about My School Essay

What is school? What is its importance?

School is a place where students from all places, castes, religions and creeds are enrolled to learn how to read and write. School also teaches moral and ethic values that are also common in all religions. It never divides us into groups, rather school makes us united, educated, sharp, wise, disciplined and obedient. That’s what makes schools important part of everyone’s lives.

How you would say about your school & why do you like it?

My School has the most adequate education system that also focuses on other co curricular activities as well. We are taught different things in my school that help us become good citizens and successful persons. The building of my school also has a legacy of the British rule in my country. It has stood through the British rule to today’s modernizing world while keeping pace with the world from time to time. That’s the best part about my school that increases my love for it.

What is a My School Essay & How should you write it?

Every school is different as they have variations in building structures, area, academics, co curricular activities, dress codes and many other aspects. Writing about your school, its features, its achievements, its current situations, its progress, its faculties, its students and its legacy can turn your writing into a My School Essay. An Essay is written with an Overview of the topic first so you should give an overview of your school at the beginning. Then write down the details about my school in the next paragraph. Write the best things and features of your school that you love about it. If your school has any defects write them after the positive aspects. And at the end give a brief conclusion about the whole Topic on My School.

How to write an Essay on your school? Write 5 points on it

1. Give an overview of your school

2. Write all the details of your school (building, grounds, classrooms etc.)

3. Write down some best features of your school (Teachers, Education etc)

4. Then add some minor negative things that you don’t like about your school.

5. At the end, give a brief conclusion and wind up the Topic.

How to write a speech on My School?

First of all, give some warm welcoming words to the Chief Guests, Principal, teachers and your school fellows. Then talk about the your school in details, its achievements and all other positive aspects. Remember to accost the chief guests and principals in the speech continuously to make sure that you’re well concerned about their presence too. Give a mixture of remarks on your school and end the speech with a poetry or an attractive phrase.


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