Essay on My school for Class 6, 7 and 8

Our expert teachers have written separate essays on my school for each class. You can read my school essay for class 7 class 8 and class 6 as well separately. Browse your class and read the my school essay for that particular class accordingly.

My School Essay For Class 6

School is a heavenly place for kids that prepare their minds and sharpen their skills to help them become successful in life. Every school is different in its own ways because of variation in academic and other activities. Some schools only focus on education, while some also focus on other important activities. Similarly, different schools are meant for different things.

Talking about my school, it is one of the best schools in my city because of its long-time reputation. My school was built in 2000. Initially, it was underrated and had a very small building and area. But as time passed, my school made its name and now it is one of the best schools in my city. My school has more than 10 campuses in my city. The campus of my school where I study is the best and main among all because of its large structure and a lot of other facilities.

It has a large building and 2 big playgrounds. My school building has 6 floors where each floor has 20 to 30 class rooms. All class rooms are large, airy, and clean. The playgrounds in my school have benches on the corners so students can sit on them in free time. Different sports courts are also present in the play grounds because of sports activities.

The teachers in my school are wonderful, polite, and kind to students. They teach us like their own sons and daughters. The principal of my school is also kind and warm-hearted. She treats all the students with kindness while sometimes she also punishes bad and mischievous students. Most of the students in my school come from good families and work hard. Some students are also naughty and teasing in my school.

However, my school still manages to get outstanding results in the annual examinations every year. Along with education, my school also promotes sports, debates, quizzes, and other co curricular activities.

My school has a very good reputation because of its brilliant staff and students. I love going to school early in the morning with my brother. It makes me punctual as well. I’m proud to be a student of my school (school name).

My School Essay For Class 7 and 8

My school is the center of attraction for me because of its reputation, academics and co curricular activities as well. The basic purpose of a school is to impart education and skills as well to its students. And my school never disappoints from such perspective. It offers all necessary things to its students to make them successful and better humans.

My school has a beautiful and large white building. It is 70 meters tall and has 8 floors. Each floor has 30 to 40 classrooms that can accommodate from 50 to 60 students in each class. My school is one of the best schools known in my area because of its legacy and outclass reputation. It was built in 1970 and has gained a lot of attention now. Every year thousands of students come from different cities to study in my school.

There are 4 large playgrounds in my school that are made specifically for different sports and other activities. The library has a large variety of books, journals and magazines. I spend most of my time in library reading books and relaxing my mind.

My school also emphasizes on sports and other co curricular activities because it plays a good role in mental and physical growth of students. I also love taking part in sports because it makes me fit and healthy.

The teaching staff and principal in my school are very polite and respect worthy. They always treat students like their own children. They also punish naughty students sometimes. I try to avoid all the bad habits and become a good student of my school.

My school also has a main focus on discipline and etiquette to make students morally better. We respect our teachers and stay disciplined. My school never fails to secure highest ranks in annual examinations as well as other co curricular activities.

I’m a proud student of my school (school name). I love going to school on time early in the morning It makes me punctual and obedient. My brother also comes along with me and we come back home together after spending good time in school.

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