Essays on My School For Class 1 and 2

See our essay on my school that is written by expert English teachers. This my school essay is ideal for students of class 1 and class 2. The best and simple my school essay sentences are here. You can also use this essay and convert it to 10 lines my school essay for your studies. All students of class 1 and class 2 can have benefit from this my school essay.

My School Essay for Class 1

How to write My School Essay for Class 1 & 2
How to write My School Essay for Class 1 & 2

All kids have some favorite places in their lives. My favorite place is my school. It is an extremely calm and peaceful place because of its discipline emphasis. The building of my school is huge and old but it is always maintained and painted every year to keep its beauty alive. My school has airy and large classrooms that are all air conditioned in summers.

My school’s building has two main entrance gates. One is located on the front side while the other gate is on the left side of the school. All the walls are protected with metal wires to ensure safety of the students. My school’s building has widespread 3 floors where each floor has 35 rooms.

For sports and games, my school has 2 large grounds that contain all necessary things to play sports and different games. I love playing cricket in the ground with my friends. My school not only focuses on boys to play sports but also girls.

The teachers in my school also love the students and always teach with kindness. My School has 2 libraries, a computer lab and a sciences lab. I love going to school everyday on time with my elder brother. No praises are ever enough to define my school and my love for it.

Essay On My School For Class 2

My School is a place of great charm and peace for me. Although it’s building is pretty old, yet it seems to cast a spell on us. Some of the walls of my school are really massive and ceilings are very high. Even the cruel summer every year fails to make our classrooms hot and fuggy in my city. The high walls of the museum are scarred with wind and weather that looks wonderful. They have a mystery of their own.

We understand our history lessons very well due to nearness to the famous museum. The teaching staff and all other faculty members in my school are very kind and devoted. My school also emphasizes on discipline and moral teachings to shape the students into better humans.

My school also has a beautiful and large playground that has many trees in it. The whole row of the tall and beautiful trees in the playground faces my school’s building. The playground has arrangements for all sports including cricket, volleyball, badminton and my favorite, football.

My school is all away from the hustle and bustle of the main road that therefore, it gives us a very peaceful atmosphere. It also helps me and the other students to focus on their studies more than the surroundings.

The libraries in my school have all the important and informative books that teach us a lot of useful things. Additionally, my school conducts sports and scouting functions every year to ensure fitness of the students. I am glad that my school is far ahead of others in good results, sports, debates, libraries and scouting.

Me and my brother love going to the school daily and attending our classes. I study with devotion and focus because of my teachers kindness and hard work. I hope one day, my school will transform me into a better and successful person.

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