Hard Work Is Key To Success In Life Essay Speech & Story in English

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Hard Work Is Key To Success In Life Essay Speech and Story in English

Honorable President, my dear teachers, guests and students Assalam-o-Alaikum.

“No pain no palm: no thorn no throne no gall, no glory: no cross: no crown” is a very well know moral filled with wisdom. There is no joy without pain, as there’s no rose without thorn. it Is through diligence that great men of the planet have achieved an immortal niche within the temple of fame. The credit of this huge and glorious progress within the spheres of science and technology, space conquest, discoveries and inventions goes only to the constant diligence done by men of great genius. God made the world but man’s hard work and constant struggle had beautified the planet. The Golden Gate Bridge, the Pyramids of Egypt, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Great Wall of China, the construction of big dams and Skyscrapers are carefully wrought wonders of human toil. Really diligence is that the genuine sort of worship. Man has been a perpetual toiler within the Garden of Allah ever since his creation during this world. God himself is a worker. The artistry of His invisible hand is discernible in the beauties of Nature. What a star spangled azure firmament has He created! How can we then despite work? It is only the dignity of work that makes us noble. It is faithful say that excellence isn’t granted to man but as a gift for labour. if we’ve innate talents, industry will improve them. If we’ve fine abilities, industry will be supplying its drawbacks and deficiencies. Nothing is denied to a well directed labour.

Nothing is to be attained without it. Hard work is essential for success in life. If we wish to enjoy the blessings of life, we must put in hard work.

Hard work is the only cost that we all humans have to pay for getting every achievement in this world. We cannot achieve any substantial success if we become Tennyson’s Lotus-Eaters thinking that “slumber is sweeter than toil”. To know the unknown and to explore the unexplored avenues of life, we will have to brave and breast the perils of the sea. We cannot shelter ourselves from chilly winds, torrential rain, the intolerable and scorching heat of the sun, if we do not build cozy houses for ourselves. A swimmer cannot be an expert in the art of swimming if he does not beast the buffeting strong currents daily. A student can’t be crowned successfully within the examination if he doesn’t “scorn delights and live laborious days’. A lawyer. can not win success at the bar if he doesn’t burn the midnight oil. A doctor can’t be popular if he’s not prepared to sacrifice his rest. Hard work Is necessary for the statesmen and the politicians if they Wish to be remembered by the succeeding posterity. It is indispensable for the martyrs if they wish to be remembered in the annals of history. It is essential for the teachers if they want to become popular among the scholars . The lives of the great men of the world tell us that they have achieved this acme of greatness through the process of hard work. Quaid-a -Azam became the Father of Nation because he worked hard and carved out a country on the map of the world. .

It is a fallacy that Fate alone makes one great which diligence plays no part in it. No one can become great if he doesn’t toil and be at pains . No one can reap the harvest of prosperity if he doesn’t undergo the mill of diligence . An author has once said somewhere that “Diligence is the mother of perfect fate that God awards all things to industry.

Industry pays debts, but idleness increases them”. The most unfortunate and wretched man is the slothful man. He remains a parasite and hanger on forever and passes the days of his life on the refuse of others. An Ordinary person can become the cock of the walk only through diligence . Hard work is that the golden key that unlocks all the hidden treasures of life.

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