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The Perfect & Complete Importance of English Essay is here. It can also be used as Speech or Presentation material as well. Other suitable topics for the below essay could be English and its origin essay, speech or English and its importance speech, essay or English Education Essay, English Education Speech 2020 and much more. Read the Importance of English Speech and Importance of English Essay here.

Importance of English Essay

Honourable President, my dear teachers, guests and students Assalam-o-Alaikum.

English is a very important language. It is rich not only in literature but also in modern scientific writings. All modern research can be studied through this language. Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and now Nuclear Physics and Astronautics can all be had in English.

You want to study medicine, You have to study English in order to get first hand information on the latest research in science. Operations on the heart and the brain are described in the latest issues of Medical Journals issued from UK, and U.S.A. No doctor worth the name can ignore even the lists of medical preparations manufactured by medical laboratories. They would give him full information on the most recent medicine.

An Engineer cannot ignore studying English because the latest engineering facts are described in English. Journals and publications on engineering airplanes building and building of bridges are not the only branches of this science. Building of Cosmo planes and raising oil from rock bottom of the ocean are matters we cannot ignore. A Pakistani engineer must. therefore study English so as to stay his knowledge fresh and up to date.

A scientist who is studying nuclear physics must learn English because it is this language which can give him accumulated knowledge of world research in the field of thermonuclear physics. Mathematics and chemistry and all other branches of Physical sciences can easily be approached through the medium of English.

In short, English can teach you all professions from accountancy to art. If you would like to find out pottery or ceramics you will need the learning of English for up to date information. Even philately (the science of stamp collecting) may also be learnt in English. One can learn every science and art with the knowledge of English. There is no other language in this world so widely utilized in sciences, arts and professions as compared to English.

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