Best essay on My School for Class 9 and 10

Our expert teachers have written the perfect my school essay for class 9 and 10 students. This essay is specifically for class 9 and 10 students because it is proper in length and contains good vocabulary words. Read the best my school essay for class 10 and share with your friends too.

My School Essay for Class 9 and 10

School plays an important role in everyone’s life. The basic purpose of schooling is to impart quality education towards its students. Therefore, basic schooling is necessary for everyone who wants to compete with the world in this modern era. In this essay, I would explain the qualities of my school.

Sentences on my school essay for class 9 and 10
How to write my school essay for class 9 and 10

My school is one of the best renowned educational institutions in my area. I got admission at (my school name) 6 years ago and I’m still continuing my studies in this wonderful institute. Currently I’m in class 10, as this is my last year at my school, I would love to explain my best memories and qualities of my school.

I love daily packing up for school. I go to my school regularly with my elder brother. The teachers and administrative staff at my school is very kind and humble. My teachers teach all the students with great love and kindness. That’s why all the students love coming to school punctually and stay disciplined.

My school also makes sure to promote co curricular activities along with academics to make sure that students get fit. Education is not the only thing that a school is meant for. An ideal school also needs to ensure co curricular activities for its students. That’s how students can compete with the world when they have the fitness skills.

My school has a beautiful sports complex where different kinds of sports are offered. My personal favorite sports are badminton and cricket. I get to play cricket every week on Wednesdays and Fridays after school timings.

My school also has a beautiful library that is ideally arranged in sections. It has more than 5000 books in almost all categories. I spend my time reading books in libraries when I’m free from academic lectures.

The principal and HODs of my school are also very kind and treat all the students as their own kids. We always feel free to consult our problems with the principal and HOD.

Different sports competitions are also held in my school every year where every students get a chance to win prizes. My school also has fee waiving arrangements for poor and financially unfit students.

I love going to school with my brother on time. Waking up early in the morning and attending all my classes with obedience makes me punctual, obedient and disciplined as well. I’m proud to be a student of my school (School name).

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