My school Essays For Class 3 and Class 4

Here is the complete and perfect essay on my school for class 3 and 4. This essay is short, flexible and suitable for 3 and 5 class students. To get more essays like these make sure to visit

Essay on My School for Class 3

The school is an ideal place that gives education to kids of all ages. The basic purpose of school is not only to give education but also to promote sports and fitness activities. The significance of the school plays an important role in the progress of a country My school (school name) is one of the best schools in town.

My school essay for class 3 and 4
How to write essay on my school for class 3 and 4

It has a tall and beautiful old building that was built in 1980. I read in class 3 in my school where I learn different things. The atmosphere of my school is very good because it focuses on discipline and ethics. My school was built by the army that’s why it is one of the best schools in my country.

The teachers of my school are very qualified and cooperative. They teach us heartily and with devotion. We respect our teachers very much. My school principal is also a good person. She treats us with kindness and humbleness.

I have too many nice friends in my school. All of them are very good. We play together in our free time. My school has a nice canteen where every eatable is available in cheap price. They also serve fresh and healthy food.

I spend my idle time in the library which is the best place to read books. My school library has a vast variety of books. The atmosphere of my school library is very calm and peaceful.

In co-curricular activities, my school is always in front. We take part in every activity such as sports, dance, speeches, singing etc.

My school principal is also a very nice person. Sometimes, she also teaches us when our teachers are not present.

I love going to school daily with my elder brother on time. I am proud to be a part of my school (my school name).

Essay on My School for Class 4

My school is the center of the attraction for me. It is quite famous for its academics and different co curricular activities. It is situated at the outside of the city. My school has quite a large area with 3 tall buildings. There are about thirty classrooms in each building. All the class rooms are very airy and free from humidity.

Each class is decorated with informative charts and banners. The doors of the class rooms have labels of class rooms and they are decorated beautifully as well.

We always make sure to keep the classrooms clean and tidy. My School teaches good habits to all the students along with academics. Every student is nice and disciplined in my school.

There are about three laboratories for different experiments in all science Subjects. My school has a very large modern library for students and the teachers. The library is stuffed with more than 8000 books. There are books available in all different categories.

It also has a very well-decorated office for the headmaster. There is a beautiful park in front of the library. My school has three playgrounds, each ground is made specifically for cricket, football, and hockey. Games are played regularly in our school.

The compound Of the school looks very beautiful with flowers around it. Currently, forty teachers are working in my school. All of them are devoted and very hardworking. The headmaster of my school is a very competent man, he is forty years old.

My school is very famous for debates and other competitions. The discipline of my school is quite good. All the students show massive respect to their teachers. The headmaster and teachers are very kind and sympathetic.

My school always shows 90 to 100 percent results in the Secondary School Examinations for all classes. I am proud to be a student of my school (school name).

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