Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention Speech in English – Story and Essay

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Necessity Is The Mother of Invention Speech Story and Essay

Honorable President, my dear teachers, guests and students Assalam-o-Alaikum.

All folks have read the fable of thirsty crow. He sighted an earthen pitcher on the roof of a house and wine flying to it but it had so little water in it that he, in spite of his best efforts, could not quench his thirst. He did not lose his head, so he quickly collected as many pebbles as he could carry and dropped them into the pitcher one by one, bringing the water within his access. He quenched his thirst and flew away. He felt the need and this sense led to his invention of an idea to satisfy it.

If we peep through the dark ages of the past, when civilization had not begun, the truth of the maxim will be apparent to us. In those primitive ages, man roamed from place to place, feeding on wild fruits and herbs, having no clothing and sleeping on trees or in caves. He did not know the use of weapons and fire was a thing unknown to him. With the passage of time. he felt the need of sheltering himself from the inclemencies of weather and protecting his body from wind and rain. He found out means of constructing crude houses and covering and wrapping himself in the hides of wild beasts. The necessity of defense against ferocious animals taught him to make stone axe-heads, stone arrowheads, stone knives and hide scrapers and engravers and harpoons ail chipped out of hard stone with patience and amazing ingenuity. As life without fire was difficult and not possible., he discovered multiple methods of generating sparks by the rapid friction of hard pieces of stones. Thus most of the inventions of mankind were the results of the pressure necessarily .

In the primitive ages of mankind, the need of communicating with each other led men to the invention of language. Later the pressing need of keeping some record of what they didn’t want to forget, led to the invention of writing. Later still the need of spreading news and knowledge more quickly, led to the inventions of printing. From the past to the present age, most of the discoveries pertaining to different spheres of life are the result of man’s occasional necessities. Necessity of physical defense compelled man to invent helmets, armours, shields, bows and arrows. Those who have read Homeric epics know that the wooden horse was invented by the Greeks in their war against the Trojans. It was the invention of this horse that they gained victory over the Trojans. It was due to the invention of the naval fleet that Mohammad Shah defeated the Romans. It was the invention of the cannons that led Babur to win in the first war of Panipat. But the inventions of steam-engine. the power of electricity, telephone and telegraph. the camera or the telescope and microscope weren’t thanks to any pressing necessity. These are the amazing discoveries of the genius brains of great men, whose discovered objects were the satisfaction of intellectual curiosity.

The fact is that in the complicated system of modem civilization the greatest amount of inventive work is done by a special class, the members of which have plenty of time and sources to devote to the work of discovery. The inventions of ancient civilization which were mainly due to necessity, may be regarded as so many stepping stones to the greater inventions of the present day made by the methodical investigation of men who devote their whole lives to scientific studies.

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