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Need For Basic Knowledge Of Science Speech

Honorable President, my dear teachers, guests and students Assalam-o-Alaikum.

We are living in this age of science. The twentieth century is the period in which we are able to see the wonders of science. We shall fund all around us machineries developed with the knowledge of science. Our houses are titted with scientific things. We are enjoying the amenities of life based on science. In our houses are to be found the electric current carried through electric wire? Lights burn with electric current. Fans also move with electric current. Sometimes we use electric heaters to cook our food. We have electric bells placed at the doors. There are telephone connections to our houses and our offices. When we go out we find motor cars, buses, the railway trains and the airplane. We hear the radio, we enjoy the television. Wherever we go we are able to see that the world has developed wonderfully with the help of the knowledge of science.

A modern man is to understand some broad things of science if he is to move in the world. Without the basic knowledge of science, it is difficult to go on smoothly and safely also. We are to understand that electricity passes through certain objects and does not pass through materials like glass and rubber etc. Sometimes we find grown up educated people even, who do not know through which materials electricity does not pass. At the time of changing the bulb, sometimes such ignorant educated men die when they touch live-wire with their naked hands and are at once electrocuted. If we are to understand something published in the newspaper about the atom bomb or some such thing we are to have some preliminary ideas about science. Even if we read books of literature, we shall have to understand something basic in science. Modern books are generally based on some thing of science.

Intricate machineries are around us. We cannot move an inch without encountering them everywhere. We have preliminary ideas about the working of the Steam engine, the petrol engine and we are to understand the principles on which the airplanes move. This is also necessary to understand how the telephones and telegraphs work. We are to know certain things about Chemistry and Physics and Biology, Botany, Zoology, and Geography the knowledge about the movement of the earth around me sun and the motion of the earth and the effect of such movements on us and the earth are to be understood by the modern men. We should know the nature of electricity, magnetism and hydrogen and oxygen and some other chemicals. This is highly necessary that we should have some ideas about the chemicals in the Chemistry department. We take food every day and for several occasions. We must know the food value of anything that we eat. We should know which chemical is poison and which is not. Lead is a slow poison; hence, we should not allow children to have toys made of lead, as they will be putting the toy in their mouth unknowingly. Mercury is also dangerous. Hence, if we have ideas in us, we shall save ourselves from dangerous effects.

In fine, we may say that this is an age of science and as such it is criminal on our part not to have scientific Knowledge of the preliminary type as that we can move freely in the world. With the basic knowledge of science we will be able to move in the world with a broad based culture.

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