[Best 2020] Newspaper Essay, Speech and Presentation

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2020 Newspaper Essay

Honorable President, my dear teachers, guests and students Assalam-o- Alaikum.

Newspapers have always played a very assisting and important role in our social and political lives. They give us information about almost anything that happens around the world. They keep us aware of our surroundings. They also tell us about the people in the other parts of the world.

There are other means of communication too like the radio, television and internet which provide a lot of information about everything, anywhere in the world.

The newspaper besides, giving information about the political issues, provide knowledge about our particular interest also. For the sports lovers, there is a section of news on sports like hockey, football, cricket, squash and badminton. A person can read news about his favorite game. He is kept informed about the game he likes the best. Sometimes, there are comments about the performance of the national team. If it wins they praise it but if it loses. they criticize it badly. Nevertheless, it serves our purposes.

The newspaper is a source of pleasure too. A person, who becomes habitual reader, feels at ease only when he has read the newspaper. It has also information for the people with literary taste. In the extraordinarily busy life of today’s, where one finds little time to read books, one can just read the reviews on books in the Sunday magazine and get the information he desires.

Sometimes, the newspapers motivate us to do something worthwhile. It fills us with ambition and desire to do some great work and earn a name for our country and for ourselves. The impact of the newspapers is very strong and lasting. It brings social and political awakening among the people. They get knowledge and information in the scientific field through it. In this way, it enables them to make progress m whatever field they are working.

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