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Patriotism Essay in English 2020

Honorable President, my dear teachers, guests and students Assalam-o-Alaikum.

Patriotism means love for one 3 country. It includes love for one’s national culture lslam created great human values. They have been tested and found correct.

They should be honoured and held dear. They should be protected and made supreme in our country. This is true patriotism. We should hold them so near and dear to our hearts that we should be able to lay down our lives and sacrifice our all in their defense and service.

Patriotism has always been held in great esteem in all nations of the world and patriots have been honoured and sung in all times and climes. Only those have a right to live in a country who are ready to die for it.

‘In our weal and woe. We all look to thee. Our small or great.  Alike worship thee.

In a barren world. God’s golden lance. A Since the world began. God’s-chosen land. We suck thy vine. We eat thy salt.

With our blood we’ll. Their name exalt. Before God and Man we promise today. To live and die for thee alway‘

Muhammad the greatest and the last prophet (peace be on him) was the greatest patriot the world has produced. He was not only an Arab patriot but a human

He lived and died for humanity. He worked to serve human values. His life is a true specimen for

those who wish to serve humanity. One should serve one’s country but one should serve truth first.

Once the late Maulana Ubaidullah Sindhi was asked whether he was a Muslim first or an Indian first? He replied. “Are you the son of your father first or the son of your mother hrst. What he meant was that he loved his country as much as he loved the ideals he had put before himself. Love of one’s ideals is not against one’s love for one’s country. This is true patriotism. Pakistan, as it is well known, was created for an ideal. How can we then sanction our ideal for the sake of a few thousand or for a few million-square miles? Creation of Pakistan has put before the world a new type of state an idealistic state. The citizens of Pakistan are, therefore, morally and legally bound to love their ideals along with their country. This is no doubt a new type of patriotism. But we have created this new type and we are ready to sacrifice all for this ideal and the state and country created on it.

Patriotism demands dying for preserving the freedom of our country and national prestige one does not do so is a traitor.

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