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Honorable President, my dear teachers, guests and students Assalam-o-Alaikum.

Generally, the face is an index to the mind. The expression on our face reflects the nature of all our emotions. The blood-shot eyes, frantic movement? flushed cheeks and parched lips indicate that the man is in a violent and furious state. We know a coy girl by her downcast eyes and modest grace, a hypocrite by his artful look, gentle movements and silent behaviour. A blooming face, lustrous eyes, smiling lips and free frisk movements always show that a man is in a festive and mirthful mood. Pale face, dim eyes and terror-stricken pose show that the man is cowardly and chicken-hearted. Again a beaming face, frank eyes and daring look will indicate that the man is full of bravery, courage and dauntless spirit.

But though we cannot mistake the flushed face of the drunkard, the sour face of the disgruntled, the pride in the face of the arrogant, the revenge and jealousy in the sunken and ready eyes of a rancorous person. the angelic face of the benevolent, we may meet with some clever and crafty people who can make their faces like masks to hide their real selves. A false-hearted man may pose to be sincere; a cruel man may wear a deceptively kind face; an ilI-tempered man may appear to be urbane; a dacoit may be putting on signs of gentleness and piety, pass for a virtuous man in broad-daylight, while he carries on his nefarious activities of house-breaking at night.

A man may be thirsty for our blood but may meet us with a smiling face. A murderer may raise fake lamentations’ and shed false tears. As Shakespeare said, “A man may smile and smile. and yet be a villain” When Duncan met Macbeth. he never thought that Macbeth had harboured any intention of murdering him. Macbeth looked like a blooming rose, though he was a viperous, serpent underneath.

But there is always something in the face which will betray confirmed hypocrites and rogues to an acute observer-especially in the most expressive features, the eyes and the mouth. However carefully one may conceal one’s feelings. it is sure to reflect itself on the face as the sun is reflected on a clear rill. Every passion dyes the face with its own colours A man may declare his innocence, though guilty, in so many words. But all his protests go for nothing. Therefore, the face will ever betray the hidden meanness, cruelty, craftiness or selfishness that lurks behind the friendly smile and the frank look. It is an acknowledged fact that honesty and dishonesty, cruelty and hatred, lewdness and cupidity, purity and compassion all leave their indelible marks on the face.

Though the face is an index to the mind. it must not be too much relied upon when we judge a man’s character or idiosyncrasy. Such over-reliance will betray us into a grievous mistake. We should not be too hasty in judging a man by his outward appearance. This fact reminds me of an incident that happened long ago. My friend was always telling me that he could judge a man’s character just by looking at his face. I did not believe this and I decided to put his claim to the test. One evening I introduced him to a young man who happened to be known to me. The two got on together like a house on fire and my friend was clearly taken with his new companion. After the young man had left us, I asked my friend what opinion he had formed of him. He at once replied that he was sure that he was a person of great honesty and that he would, if necessary trust him with his life. I then explained that this same man was an international criminal of some fame and that he had spent many years of his life in gaol. having come at it but recently. My friend was very angry, but he never spoke of his skill at judging character again.

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