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The Tyranny Of Machine Speech in English

Honorable President, my dear teachers, guests and students Assalam-o-Alaikum.

We live in the machine age. We are no more the pawns in the hands of natural forces. We have gained an amazing mastery over many of them. It is a machine that has given us this supremacy on land, air and sea. Our ships now ply across horrifyingly raving seas and convey us to the overseas countries. Our train goes across fields extending from horizon to horizon. Aero planes set at defiance the powerful pull of the earth and carry us at a tremendous speed past villages, fields and countries. The mighty moon that causes the seas to swell is about to submit to our sway. American and Russian satellites have entered into competition with Godmade moon. We wait impatiently to see who between America and Russia, reaches there first.

There are only a few instances of the power of machine given about. The simple fact is that machine rules supreme in all the spheres of human life and that its gifts can hardly be overestimated. But have we nearly achieved the freedom we sought?

Far from that, we have only changed our master. Until only recently we were under the supreme sway of thousands and one freaks of nature; now nature has been subdued but machine has leapt Into the vacant throne. We have harnessed nature only to enslave ourselves to millions of mechanical devices. We have dethroned one tyrant in favour of another. Though man has managed to fly like a bird, he does not enjoy the freedom of a bird. A poet says:

The tit is free To come and From its resting place. Just like the doe But not man O God Thou dist create free

Able to speed like air as he is, he does not know the liberty that is air’s. He makes way through the heaving seas but his own bosom does not swell up with happy thoughts. Though he has gained wonderfully in speed, he has deplorably lost peace and happiness.

Wars have been common since the dawn of civi|ization. But the ancient god of War, Mars did not possess a very long arm, so conflicts and bloodshed used to be a comparatively small area. In those days only those who were within the reach of sword, pike and arrow were at peril nowadays there is no safe distance. The modern machines of warfare are all long-range onset Even the fearfully destructive arms like machine guns. Bren guns and Sten guns of yesterday are now ply-things merely. Bombs and nuclear weapons, rockets and missiles can reach the farthest corner of the world and do unimaginable damage and destruction. So our wars are all on a global scale. Besides mechanized warfare does never spare the civil population. Machine has brought about the complexity in international affairs. Machine turns out an enormous bulk of finished goods everyday and causes a surplus for which a foreign market is necessary. Then begins the scramble for economic domination. which is the most prominent feature of modern international policies in the modern world economic and commercial supremacy is more important than the political one. When the interest of the rival nations collides, war begins and spreads all over the world with the help of the same machine. As a result half the world is laid waste.

Mechanical devices of production means maximum production with minimum labour. This brings down the prices of things and ruins the small craftsmen. They cannot compete with machines and begin to decay and pay homage to machines.

Its labour saving aspect has thrown many out of employment. Now the unavailing, but doleful cry of the unemployed multitude rends the air, but does not move the heartless machine god. The luckless starving many trudge a weary way in search of work and food and get crushed under the wheel of his speeding chariot. The old gods were supposed to be sentient beings; but the new one is totally devoid of feeling. He is simply callous.

The manufacturers are the most devoted worshippers of machines. And it is they who receive its blessings. They possess unlimited resources, and hunger for more. Their greed and avarice have no end, and for further profit they exploit the workers. The domination of “material ends and of unenlightened, scrambling self interest has resulted in the loss of sensitiveness and a death of the spirit”. Industry has condemned the workers to ugly squalors and led to an “ugly” relationship between workers and employers.

Machine has reduced man in stature; he appears as a pigmy in comparison with impersonal processes and is self-abased. Man has under the domination of machines began to lose seIf-respect. Machine-made things are devoid of any individual stamp, all are same in appearance. This amounts to a rejection of individuality and breeds a tendency to suppress individual likes and dislikes.

The tyranny of machine has no limit. It disturbs your sleep at night and causes palpitation and keeps you awake for the rest of the night. It poisons the air and brings on disease.

Perhaps you live the rest of your life in misery. Besides these, there are thousand other ways in which it disturbs the normal life of human beings. The unvarnished truth is that it has spread fear, suspicion, bitterness, avarice and a host of like vices.

And Prometheus is still bound, and the vision that agonizes him most is that of hopelessness.

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