Unity Faith Discipline Essay in English Speech & Presentation

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Unity Faith Discipline Essay in English

Honourable President, my dear teachers, guests and students Assa/am-o-Alaikum.

“Unity, Faith and Discipline”. These are the three words Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah gave us. Pakistan was to be built on the bases the cardinal principles of these golden three words. The fight for Pakistan was an extended and bitter one. In the subcontinent, the conditions were far against the successful application of the western democratic laws. The majority rule meant the assertion of religious sentiments. It was necessary to fund a different homeland for the Muslims In the shape of Pakistan. For this, unity among Muslims was a necessity being controlled by faith. To achieve the end, discipline was absolutely necessary. Quaid-e-Azam therefore, has given us these three words to make ourselves stick to after the achievement of Pakistan.

Unity is a great force. A house united is strong, a house divided is vulnerable. We know the story of the dying old man who showed the strength in unity with the assistance of variety of sticks. Pakistan was possible because there was strength supported unity, want of it we had to pay extremely a lot at the past. This continent went under the rule of the East India Company. Nearly 200 years were necessary to get us realize the need of unity. Then comes discipline. Unity needs to be forced along with the building power of discipline. Above all there must be the binding force of the spiritual force of a standard faith For Pakistan, the best advantage is that the faith, Islam, relies on democratic principles made powerful by the mixture of spiritual values.

Pakistan is to survive on these three points. Pakistan has two units: the east wing and also the West wing separated by fifteen hundred miles. Unity is a vital necessity. We as Pakistani nationals are to develop our national character on the basis of these three words. Pakistan is to form opportunities for all to prosper in numerous fields of activity. Pakistan is additionally for furthering the reason behind peace. The concept of Pakistan is basically concept of purity. The country supported an ideological concept has no aggressive design. The three words unity, discipline and faith mean much each and every Pakistani. We cannot get away from the inner significance of any of the three Words. But though the words taken separately mean three different things, not one single word will be able to lead us to our destiny. The three words in the order as they are given stand for one single word to convey one single idea for all of us to lead Pakistan to prosperity.

In time, every Pakistani should get in him the spirit of these three words taken together to give one single idea to guide him so that he may develop this young nation to reach the destined goal.

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