War to Win Peace Speech in English – Essay and Presentation on War

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War To Win Peace Speech and Essay

Honourable President, my dear teachers, guests and students Assa/am-o-A/aikum.

No doubt, war is a national calamity, but we cannot avoid it. It has become a necessary evil which humanity cannot escape. Man besides his intellectual and spiritual qualities is ridden by his animalism. He is by nature a fighting bully.

Occasions often crop up when he has to fight in self defense or to repulse the alien aggression. Wars are generally waged for the expansion of kingdoms, for wreaking vengeance upon our foes and for recouping the rights of weaker nations. 

All these causes. for going to war, are condensable. But who cares for moral principles When the monster of war is let loose. The general consensus of opinion is that “Everything is fair in love and war.” We may be a nation with peaceful intentions. We may nourish the most pious ambitions and follow the ethical rules and respect the rights of others. But, unless we are a nation strong enough to defend ourselves, our existence and survival is always on the thin ice. Someone has rightly said. “if you want peace, be prepared for war. These are the days when impartiality does not avail. Weakness encourages the aggressor. We have to be militarily strong to thwart the evil designs of our enemies. Even if we hate no intention to wage war against any nation, war is thrust on us. It is brought to the threshold of our home. We have to take up arms as a desperate remedy. We become militant because no other method is open to us for self defense. As a last resort, war is required to end war.

Survival of the fittest is the common rule of life. If we cannot justify our existence, we have no right to live. Weakness is crime because it tempts aggression. We may have neutrality but it must be armed neutrality. Any nation who does not recognize these laws, fails an easy victim to a militant nation. The ancient history of the Mughal Empire bears brilliant illustration of this principle.

When the Mughals could not keep their hold in India, when they devoted their lives to worldly pleasures and ignored the defenses of their country, they were dispossessed of their grand kingdom by a foreign nation.

It is a well admitted fact that wars cannot be abolished for good. Quarrelsomeness is ingrained in human nature. After World War I, an earnest effort was made by many leaders to avoid war. A body known as the League of Nations, was established to settle “international disputes. It strove hard to justify its existence, but then strong nations most recklessly violated its principles. The result was that the League of Nations received blows at the hands of its conveners. It broke down as a useless body. The destruction and havoc wrought by World War II opened the eyes of politicians once again to the necessity of maintaining peace. Thinking brought them to a conclusion that there could be ways and means other than war to settle disputes. Consequently, the United Nations Organizations was established. This body is, no doubt, making aII efforts to preserve peace in the world.

But there are occasions where its dictates have not been obeyed by the big nations. In the case of Hungary, Korea and the Suez Canal, the United Nations authority was set at. There is growing dissatisfaction with the United Nations. The day may not be far off when the United Nations will go the way of the League of Nations. The best measure toward off war is to remain fully prepared for any eventuality and not rely on another nation’s alliance and help.

War is inevitable so long as the stronger nations are not prepared to recognize the right of existence of the weaker nations. We prize most the liberties won by the years of struggle. When these are at stake no sacrifIce is considered too great to safeguard them. The only effective guarantee for peace is indomitable strength The country should be made so strong that its power should create awe and fear in the minds of its enemies. They should never think of violating its territory. The best kind of peace in the modern world is armed peace.

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