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Conception of an Ideal State Essay

Honourable President, my dear teachers, guests and students Assalam-o-Alaikum..

Our chief want is to set up an ideal state which doubles our latent possibilities and save our boys and girls from failure and unhappiness. The main aim of this ideal state is to provide the individual with full scope for self development. lts basic principles are that the individual is the focus of value and that the group (state) exists to enable the individual to develop and express himself to the full extent of his capacity. It lays primary stress on personal worth. A society that supports these principles would be composed of free individuals, each enriching his life by working for the enrichment of all life and every moving onwards by helping others to do the same. This state should be judged by the solutions it offers for the social, political and economic problems that confront all human groups. We will first consider the economic system it advocates.

The present age is an age of strife and confusion. The universal chaos manifests itself in the financial bankruptcy of Governments, the decay of noble traditions, the corruption of politics, exploitation in the economic field, moral depravity in high and low places. In short, the atmosphere of modern life is reeking with every kind of contamination and sticks and smell like a stuffy sickroom. Verily, we live in a “Heartbreak House.” It is Capitalism which is responsible for our ills and evils. Let us eradicate this uneven distribution of wealth which is an enemy to a balanced society. This atmosphere of an unequal income presents an ugly picture in such a way that at one end of the town there are dinners without appetites and at the other end appetites without dinners. Think again and again over this dreary atmosphere where wealth accumulates in the hands of the few and men decay and then tell me how it is possible to create an ideal state where everybody will be free from hunger. In our ideal state everybody will be provided with opportunity to expose his latent possibility.

Our ideal state will be based on the equality of all men. Islam lays emphasis on the factors that unite mankind. It disapproves of all divisions of mankind on the basis of colours, race, creed, language or territory. Our ideal state, i.e the Muslim Community is entrusted with the task of leading mankind to its goal. It is enjoined to evolve a universal society on the idea of perfect settled values affirmed by the Quran. The steady moral and material progress of mankind collectively as a family is thus assured.

The urgent need for a political organization which would embrace all humanity cannot be denied. The existing political and ruling systems only divide mankind into war zones. Each group has devised a system which serves its own ambitions. Each of the political ideology is only to serve its mentors but fails to serve the others.

The supremacy of a single group, racial, cultural or occupational is either implied or affirmed in these ideologies. Nazism and Fascism defend the night of the stronger race to exploit the weaker one. Communism theoretically asserts the supremacy of the workers but practically places political powers in the hands of the party. Democracy inculcates belief in the cultural superiority of the people of one state and seeks to make them prosperous even at the expense of peoples of other states. The Quran alone offers an ideology which may appeal to all or any men. Human equality and human worth are its cornerstones. Its goal to uplift and unite all mankind. It opposes all attempts to break up mankind into groups and communities. It dismisses the physical differences among men as of no consequence. This is true freedom, justice and beauty which are the salient features of our ideal state.

In our ideal state, nobody is to be deprived of the fruit of his labour nor is he to appropriate to himself what somebody else has earned. There will be an end to all exploitation and injustice.

In short, our ideal state will be an era of peace during which nature will be harnessed to the service of man. Here mankind will be elevated and sublimated.

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